Black Hills Hockey Academy

Our Instructors

The Black Hills Hockey Academy understands the importance of bringing in the right people work with our athletes.  Knowledge of the sport and the skill sets required for success, the ability to communicate those skills in an encouraging way, engagement with the athletes, and a love for teaching are some of the biggest traits we look for when interviewing our coaches. We are very proud of the group we have assembled over the years and feel fortunate to have had such great coaches working for the BHHA. Here you can learn a little bit more about the current, and past, instructors of the Black Hills Hockey Academy.

Riley Weselowski

Founder and Lead Instructor (Coach-Kansas City ECHL)

Danny Battochio

Goalie Coach (Goaltender-Rapid City Rush)

Zach Bender

Instructor 18/19/20 (Forward-Rushmore Thunder)

Darrell Smith

Instructor 21/22 (Defenseman-Norwich NA3HL)

Justin Portillo

Instructor 22 (Forward-Knoxville SPHL)


Instructor 21/22 (Forward-Danbury FPHL)

Brice French

Instructor 22 (Defenseman-Carolina FPHL)

Jeremy Gates

Instructor 15/16/19 (Defenceman-Pensacola Ice Flyers)

Michael Young

Instructor 2016 (Defenseman- Rapid City Rush)

Connor Ward

Instructor 13/14/15/16/17 (Forward)

Jamie Vanderveeken

Instructor 13/14 (Defenseman)

Travis Wight

Instructor 13/14 (Defenseman)

Scott Brannon

Instructor 2015 (Forward- Dundee Stars)

Tyler Poulsen

Instructor 2019 (Forward-Worcester Railers)

Brooks Mitzel

Instructor 18/19/20 (Forward-Iowa State)

Tory Dalbec

Goalie Coach 19/20 (Devenir GoalteDevenir Goaltenders-Minnesotanders-Minnesota)